I'm a non-binary actor, writer, and performance artist with a BFA in Acting from Pace University in NYC. I frequently perform and create under the pseudonym Peroxide as part of The Haus of Femanon (@Peroxide_Femanon) -- an ongoing alternative-drag art project. Peroxide allows me to challenge my own ideas of beauty and gender while satisfying the creative outlets that acting and writing just don't seem to cover. After playing multiple genderqueer characters in TV and Film, Out Magazine generously included me in their OUT100 in 2018. In addition to acting, I am also deeply interested in food/ water politics and consumer impact on sustainability.

From 2015-2017, I proudly developed and launched a water conservation/ anti-bottled water education program called The Pond Project. Using theater, music, science, and a passion to protect the clean water we all need, The Pond Project merged my loves for creating theater and teaching children the importance of being active consumers by bringing fun, zany Koi Fish with-a-mission to low-income schools in Brooklyn, NY. Taking bits and pieces from the various creative outlets I find myself inhabiting, I've discovered a confidence in my queerness, political drive, and willingness to change the world around me that has ultimately found it's way back into acting.